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dalmatian moose: Tell me a story about pirates. :OO
sinning pretty: WELL.
sinning pretty: Once upon a time.
sinning pretty: There was an Umbrella Ninja.
sinning pretty: And then.
sinning pretty: There were pirates.
sinning pretty: And they were like.
sinning pretty: You suck Umbrella Ninja.
sinning pretty: And took her hostage.
dalmatian moose: D:<
sinning pretty: And took her umbrellas away.
sinning pretty: :(
dalmatian moose: :(((
sinning pretty: And then the Pirates were like.
sinning pretty: HAHAHAHA you gotz ownzed.
sinning pretty: And Umbrella Ninja suddenly sprouted an Umbrella from her head.
dalmatian moose: XD l33t pirates
sinning pretty: And flew away into the night.
sinning pretty: :3
dalmatian moose: LIKE BATMAN? :O
sinning pretty: YES.
sinning pretty: Except.
sinning pretty: Umbrella-y.
sinning pretty: And Ninja-y.
sinning pretty: And the Pirates sobbed.
sinning pretty: Because their Umbrella Ninja ran away and now they can't have Umbrella Ninja stew.
dalmatian moose: :'(((
dalmatian moose: THAT WAS A GOOD STORY. :OO
dalmatian moose: It is better than Fwee's. :O
dalmatian moose: I am not sure how it ranks with Lei's. :'(
sinning pretty: Omg.
sinning pretty: Show me their's.
sinning pretty: And Riso will give you a story too.
dalmatian moose: ok
dalmatian moose: don't tell her its a contest
dalmatian moose wants to directly connect.
sinning pretty is now directly connected.
dalmatian moose: dalmatian moose: tell me a story about pirates. :O
Sitting Cliche: Okay.
Sitting Cliche: So like.
Sitting Cliche: there was this pirate named Long Toe.
dalmatian moose: [XD wtp]
Sitting Cliche: GO WITH IT
dalmatian moose: [OK!!]
Sitting Cliche: So.
Sitting Cliche: Like all pirates.
Sitting Cliche: he wanted treasure.
Sitting Cliche: unfortunately, he had a fear of sailing.
dalmatian moose: D:< that sucks
Sitting Cliche: damn straight it does.
Sitting Cliche: so his trusty sloth named Polish
Sitting Cliche: blindfolded him
Sitting Cliche: and pushed him onto a ship
Sitting Cliche: but Long Toe got so dizzy and disoriented
Sitting Cliche: that he stumbled and fell over the side
Sitting Cliche: and promptly drowned
Sitting Cliche: then Polish hijacked the ship and stole all the booty away to Brazil.
dalmatian moose: :(( omd
Sitting Cliche: the end.
dalmatian moose: :OO THANKS
dalmatian moose: I'm sorry but lei's story was better. :(
Sitting Cliche: D:
Sitting Cliche: I didn't know it was a contest
dalmatian moose wants to directly connect.
dalmatian moose: :(
dalmatian moose: SORRY
Sitting Cliche is now directly connected.
dalmatian moose: dalmatian moose: tell me a story about prirates. :O
dalmatian moose: pirates EVEN
my a ku ri: okay
my a ku ri: once upon a time.
my a ku ri: there was an island.
dalmatian moose: /claps. :O
my a ku ri: full of treasure.
my a ku ri: so thats why they called it treasure island
my a ku ri: and there lived a dragon guarding it and he hated pirates.
dalmatian moose: XDD
my a ku ri: but there was this totally awesome pirate, named Lei. AND NO ONE KNEW SHE WAS A GIRL. thats how good of a pirate she was.
dalmatian moose: XDD
dalmatian moose: [was she hot?]
my a ku ri: [very :D]
my a ku ri: and so then
dalmatian moose: [thought so. ;D]
my a ku ri: she decided to raid the island, with her band of pirate mafia.
dalmatian moose: [potc
dalmatian moose: 's music is hot like lei]
my a ku ri: in it was trusty eig, seducing fwee, poop-deck twa and predictable peppy [she is a psychic].
dalmatian moose: XD
dalmatian moose: [did they know lei was a girl?]
my a ku ri: yes. and they were clever.
my a ku ri: [yes, they all were girls. :O THATS HOW GOOD THEY WERE!]
dalmatian moose: [OH EM DEE]
my a ku ri: clever because psychic peppy would tell them how to raid the island.
my a ku ri: and trusty eig would map out the island and the dragon
dalmatian moose: [this is the best story]
my a ku ri: and poopdeck twa would .... .... poop the deck.
my a ku ri: and the plan was to get seducing fwee with the dragon.
my a ku ri: and they did.
my a ku ri: THE UNRAIDABLE TREASURE ISLAND, the unbeatable dragon
my a ku ri: was beaten by a bunch of girls in frilly pirate suits.
my a ku ri: and we all lived happily ever.
dalmatian moose: :OOO
dalmatian moose: YAYY
my a ku ri: :DD
dalmatian moose: That was the best story. :((
Sitting Cliche: LOL
sinning pretty: :3
sinning pretty: K!
sinning pretty: Riso's turn
sinning pretty: XD
sinning pretty direct connection is closed.
sinning pretty: OOOOOK
sinning pretty: (tis Rissy)
sinning pretty: My turn :D
sinning pretty: Ok so
sinning pretty: once upon a time
sinning pretty: there were pirates
sinning pretty: and they were like RAR
sinning pretty: and all the little boats they smacked were like ONOZ
sinning pretty: but then one day
sinning pretty: a wee little boat came and smacked the pirate boat
sinning pretty: and the pirates were like ONOZ D:!!!
dalmatian moose: NOOOOOOOZ
sinning pretty: so then the pirates were like
sinning pretty: and the captain of the wee little boat was like
sinning pretty: MY SECRET IS...
sinning pretty: and all the wee big pirates were staring with their odd eyes
sinning pretty: and the captain said
sinning pretty: MY SECRET IS PIE!
sinning pretty: DUN DUN DUN!!!
sinning pretty: O__O
dalmatian moose: O_________________O
sinning pretty: and that's the story of the captain, the pirates, and the pie.
dalmatian moose: XDD
dalmatian moose: /claps
sinning pretty: TAH DAH! ^__^


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lei !!! myakuri
fweeee !!! sitting cliche
devi !!!!?!?! sinning pretty
risu !! (also sinning pretty? XD)


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